Keeping history alive

Helping Kindeo turn the humble act of storytelling into beautifully captured video for generations to come.

Phone app illustation
  • 6 sprints from product definition to MVP
  • £1.4 million to £4 million valuation increase

What we did

Kindeo is an Elsewhen venture. Working with co-founders John Gilbey and Seb Royce, we created a product that combines storytelling with the power of video and brings families closer together.

We helped the founders validate their ideas, define the proposition and achieve product/market fit. Our work spanned design, development, user acquisition, fundraising support and hiring their own team.


Within 4 months the product was in the hands of users, constantly being improved using real customer feedback and data.

An instant hit with users and featured on the BBC, The Guardian, Metro and Evening Standard it was named as one of WIRED UK’s 'Best iPad Apps of 2017' and Age UK's 'Useful apps and websites'.


We’ve all been there. You are working on a product, your team and clients get excited about it and start sharing an early build with friends and investors. Before you know it, a number of new features and ideas about what the product should or could do are on the table…

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    Seb Sabouné
  • May 6, 2016
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