Re-writing the rules of kid’s TV

Developing a new Apple TV platform that helps kids learn through the shows they love.

  • Sketch to global launch in 4 Months
  • Apple App of the Year 2016
  • 6,000% increase in users on week 1

What we did

Together with Hopster we explored the potential of Apple TV as a platform for rethinking and redesigning how kids engage with content on the TV. We provided product leadership, product design and tvOS development services.

Various hopster charactors

We decided to establish a group of fifteen families to regularly try, test and feedback on the Hopster Apple TV product. The production process was based on 2-week sprints, and after every sprint we released a version of the product to the test group for feedback.

People gathered round a table for a sprint planning meeting
Handful of postit notes from sprint planning


When building products for kids it’s easy to think that your primary users are children; but actually your target audience is the parents.

Desktop app illustation

The result

In just 4 months we went from sketch to launch and Hopster was awarded Apple TV app of the year.


Elsewhen were the perfect partner. We’re delighted with the outcome - and so are our users.

Nicholas Walters, Hopster CEO


With numerous conflicting studies on technology’s benefits and dangers on children, many parents nowadays are torn between two things…

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  • Nov 9, 2017
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