Creating a global barometer

Building a tool which allows anyone to get insights from the largest ever research into consumer online behaviours.

Phone app illustation
  • 200,000 people interviewed
  • Global coverage in 56 countries
  • 2,000,000 mins of insight data

What we did

Google asked Elsewhen to design and develop a simple, intuitive app that would allow people to explore and interpret findings from two of their largest online surveys of consumer behaviour: the Consumer Barometer questionnaire, and the Connected Consumer Study.

What devices did people use? - 96% mobile, 86% desktop, 48% tablet, 31% internet-enabled tv.

Over several months, we defined the system architecture, competitor landscape, user experience, brand identity and visual language.

People gathered round a table for a sprint planning meeting
Handful of postit notes from sprint planning
Desktop app illustation

The result

The Barometer simplifies the processing of big sets of data, so users can ask questions, discover new insights and extract real value.