Clients Partners

We partner with companies at all ends of the product spectrum. Startups, traditional companies looking to become more product focused and tech global giants. And for the right venture, we invest our sweat in return for equity.

  • Frame by Gleeds

    A project management tool created to transform the construction industry.

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  • Inmarsat Design System

    Creating a unified design system for the world leader in satellite communication.

    Coming soon

  • Hopster TV

    Developing a new Apple TV platform that helps kids learn through the shows they love.

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  • Google Barometer

    A simple, powerful tool built to understand how people use the internet around the world.

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  • Quit Genius

    The world’s first personalised CBT app designed to help people quit smoking.

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  • Suzy Snooze

    A connected sleep companion to help babies, children and adults get a good night's rest.

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  • Kindeo

    Helping Kindeo turn the humble act of storytelling into beautifully captured video for generations to come.

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  • Google Retail

    Bridging the online and offline customer experience with Google's retail team.

    Coming soon

  • Publish Check

    A simple editorial analytics tool to enable real time data-driven decision making.

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  • Jameson

    A redesign focusing on engaging a global audience using local insights.

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  • Hide my Ass

    Helping the world's most popular VPN provider turn traffic into paying customers.

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